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Isaac Conrow, raised in a "Right Good Family"

The full history of Isaac Conrow may never be told; it seems that there are very few references in the original sources which mention him specifically. It may be, that the best way to know about Isaac is to study the information that is known about the people around him.
There is a story about two farmers visiting in a tool shed of one of them. The visiting farmer notice a sturdy well used ax in one corner of the shed, and commented to the other, “That’s a pretty good looking ax you have there.” The owner relied, “That’s a right good ax; that there ax has gone through two heads and three handles; I’ve never known a better ax than that one”
“That there ax" is very much like the family in which Isaac and Jacob Conrow were raised. Somewhere in England, a man whose last name was Conaroe or Conrow [spelling didn’t mean much before dictionaries were printed] married a lady whose name we do not know; so we will refer to them as Mr. and Mrs. Conrow.
This Conrow family had at least two children, two boys Isaac and Jacob Conrow. Mr. Conrow died, and Mrs. Conrow was referred to as “the Widow Conrow”. We do not know how long they were married, nor at what age they married, nor do we know where they lived.
In England, the widow Conrow married Matthew Allen and came to New Jersey. The family now consisted of Matthew Allen, the former widow Conrow, now Mrs Allen and Isaac and Jacob Conrow; it seems that a third young man named Anthony Fryer or Frier came with them. The relation between the Fryer, Allen and Conrow families is not known.
We know of no children born to Matthew Allen and the widow Conrow. She died before 1687, in New Jersey.
Matthew Allen Married second, Rachel French, The daughter of Thomas French.
The History of the Thomas French Family is well known; and has been published as the Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas French Who came to America from Nether Heyford, northamptonshire, England, and Seattleed in Burlington in the Province and Country of West New Jersey, of which he was one of the Original Proprietors, together with William Penn, Edward Byllynge, Thomas olive, Gauen laurie and other etc., printed in 1909; Written, Compiled and Published by Howard Barclay French, a 7th generation descendant of Thomas French. [Such a long title makes for a very long sentence.] This book is available for free download on Google Books.
We now continue with this extended family, in which Isaac Conrow was raised.
Mathew Allen and Rachel French had four children Mathew. Mercy, Mary, and Thomas. Mathew Allen died in September or October of 1701, at Chester, Burlington County, New Jersey.
Rachel French, now widow of Mathew Allen married second, Feb 9, 1702, Hugh Sharp, son of William and Hannah Sharp. Two children, daughters, were born to Hugh Sharp and Rachel French, teir names were Hannah and Rebbecca.
Hugh Sharp died in 1841; he wrote his will on 5 Oct. 1741, the will was affirmed 13 Jan. 1742.
Rachel French survived her husband.
Thus we see that in the three marriages, Isaac Conrow had a father and a mother, a step father and a Step mother, and a second step father.
There are number of articles written about the Allen Family, the French Family, and the Sharp Family.
In this Blog and in linked blogs we hope to learn and present more information about the background and the life and times of Isaac Conrow

Isaac Conrow married about 1698 and Isaac's daughter, Alinor, was mentioned in his step-father, Mathew Allen’s will.

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